It is Best to Get Your Parts from the Dealership

Whether you're a shade tree mechanic, or you are taking your vehicle in for a checkup, it is always better to purchase your parts from the dealership. That may seem like a bold statement, but when you stop to think about it, it makes sense.

Brand name manufacturers and dealerships spend lots of time and money on training their mechanics and educating them to give you the very finest in service. They use factory-authorized parts, the same parts that originally came with the vehicle when it was new. Secondly, why would want an off-brand part when it is not as sturdy and road-worthy as an original manufacturer approved part. If you use an aftermarket part, it might even void the warranty.

When you are replacing parts for your vehicle be sure that you get the original, dealer recommended part and you will be sure that the part will not wear out too soon, and if it does, you have your warranty to back you up. Our team at Lithia Toyota of Medford is determined to guarantee the success of your vehicle with quality replacement parts, so don’t hesitate to stop by our showroom to learn more!

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