What Your Dashboard Warning Lights Have to Tell You

You chose your Toyota due to its style, safety and performance. Here at Lithia Toyota of Medford, we know that you don’t want to take risks with your vehicle. Repairs need to be completed in a logical and quality-driven manner, and you should not rush to any corner repair shop or non-specialized service department. Vehicles have warning signs that light up when there is a malfunction. Let us look at some common ones that come up often:

  1. Seat belt reminder - As a motorist, you should ensure that the belt is buckled up always. This will prevent injuries.
  2. Check engine light – This light, most often orange, means that you must check the engine. Unlike your seat belt reminder, your check engine light can refer to several different underlying causes.
  3. Service reminder - In the dashboard, an indicator will appear if your car needs attention for general maintenance.

In case you want an expert mechanic, you can visit us at Lithia Toyota of Medford to find OEM parts, spares and services at excellent prices.

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