Toyota Places in Top Ten on Fortune Magazine's Change the World List

There are many pressing issues in the world, and the only way to overcome them is to have innovators who seek solutions. One such entity is Toyota, a company dedicated to the development of advanced technologies. In fact, its implementation of greener business practices is helping to usher in a more sustainable automotive industry! It was placed among the top ten companies on Fortune Magazine's most recent "Change the World" list for this reason.


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This honor is rightfully deserved because Toyota has made many strides to do better by the earth. How? One example is its shift in production strategy. An example is its latest product, the Mirai. This hydrogen fuel cell car reduces the automaker's dependency on limited resources because it runs without gasoline. Such efficiency is therefore beneficial not only to the driver but to the environment. Such products show that Toyota is committed to going greener.

So if you are a Toyota owner, this honor is yet another reason why you should take pride in your brand. Otherwise, if you have yet to claim a model of your own, then come over to Lithia Toyota of Medford. We will introduce you to all the modern alternatives we have in stock so you can proudly call yourself a Toyota driver too.

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