Your Basic Car Care Checklist

If you want your vehicle to last for a many years, then one of the best ways to ensure it does so is by staying on top of maintenance regularly. Rest assured, car care is not as difficult as you might assume. You just need to know what to look for and that is why we compiled a simple checklist for the types of services Lithia Toyota of Medford customers should get done.


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Changing Fluids — A simple way to make sure your vehicle continues to perform well is to make sure you get its fluids changed out on a routine basis. For instance, maintaining the correct oil and coolant levels will help prevent engine failure and keep the cooling system working properly. In turn, this will reduce the likelihood of more expensive repairs down the line.

Checking Tires — Tires are your vehicle's first point of contact with the pavement. Naturally, that means wear and tear is inevitable. Under-inflated or leaky tires can increase chances of a blow-out, breakdown, or accident. So it is a good practice to check their condition frequently, and if necessary, to replace them with newer ones to maintain optimum traction on the road.

Washing Your Car — To maintain the value of your vehicle, you want to keep it looking great too. As such, another way to care for your car is by washing it. You can wash it yourself by using the right products for the task or you can have it done by a professional. Either way, maintaining its exterior and interior will ensure that the protective wax coat and paint remain and keep the cabin nice and fresh.

For greater convenience, you can always schedule maintenance appointments consistently with our auto shop and get the help you need from our experienced technicians.

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