Toyota 86 Reveals Long List of Interior Features

Is there anything standard about the Toyota 86? It’s simply one of the best sports cars on the market for the price. According to US News & World Report, the Toyota 86 scores highly in performance, safety, and interior features. That’s because it has some of the most user-friendly technology features, allowing you to access safety alerts right from the touch-screen center console.

The Toyota 86 has a lot of other cool features too. For instance, you can hook into your car’s computer and check out diagnostics, or you can connect to your favorite apps on your phone. The Toyota 86 is meant to be a modern vehicle with a lot of features for entertainment. This includes Bluetooth, eight-speaker stereo, and push-button start. You can see the upgraded performance in the latest Toyota 86. Want to take a spin in the 86? Then you can check out Lithia Toyota of Medford located in Medford, OR.

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