Tire Sizes Explained

The letters and numbers on the sidewalls of tires may seem complicated and difficult to understand. However, when looking for new tires, there are a few markings that are especially good to know. Take a tire with the marks P215/65R15. The "P" denotes a passenger tire. The number 215 is the width of the tire in millimeters. The number 65 indicates the height to width ratio. The "R" stands for radial and the number 15 indicates the rim diameter.

M&S stands for mud and snow while M&T stands for mud and terrain. Other information commonly provided in smaller type includes the Uniform Tire Quality Grading or UTQG code, the load limit, speed and maximum inflation pressure.

If you have questions as to what type of tire your vehicle requires, the technicians at the Lithia Toyota of Medford garage are happy to help. We can assist you with all of your tire needs.

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