Performance Features in the New Toyota Prius v

In the market for a new hybrid hatchback? Look at the new Toyota Prius v.

The information center on your center console actually serves double duty as the rear-view camera when you shift the Toyota Prius v into reverse. Once the screen on the center console because the lens of the camera, you'll be able to see all those moving objects and stationary ones too behind your vehicle.

When you have to move in reverse in your new Toyota Prius v, shifting will activate the Cross-Traffic Alert feature and make moving backward safer. The radar sensors behind the rear quarter panels scan far out, either way, to identify a moving vehicle and alert you to hold your position until that threat is clear.

If you want to see these features working in action, all you need to do is stop over at Lithia Toyota of Medford today and ask about taking the Toyota Prius v for a test drive.

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