Choose the Toyota Corolla iM for the Safety Features It Offers

If you feel that a hatchback would be a good choice for getting you to and from your job in Medford, consider the Toyota Corolla iM and all that it offers. This vehicle is a popular hatchback option and it is a safe vehicle.

There are eight airbags that are part of the Corolla iM and those airbags are there to help you and your passengers stay safe in the event of a crash of some kind. If something goes wrong with one of your tires, you can end up in trouble. The Toyota Corolla iM features a monitoring system that helps you know if you are dealing with an issue with a tire.

If you are searching for a hatchback with excellent safety features, let our team help you see all that the Toyota Corolla iM offers. Come by Lithia Toyota of Medford right away to test drive this special vehicle.

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