Hop into the New Toyota Yaris

Toyota is well loved the world over for creating incredibly dependable, well made, and economical cars. The Toyota Yaris manages to hit all these notes with style. At Lithia Toyota of Medford, we believe that safety, comfort, and technology are key to a great driving experience in Medford. There are many reasons people choose to drive a Toyota, and the excellent tech features are one such reason.

The Yaris features all of the modern tech conveniences one expects of a modern vehicle. Bluetooth, touch to talk, voice assistant capability and more are all included as standard options on the Toyota Yaris. Toyota has a reputation from rigidly applying quality standards to everything in their vehicles- that includes the tech package. Every feature is incredibly intuitive and designed to be as easy to use as possible. Both phone types and mobile devices are included, and Android and iOS functionality are built into the system.

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